Exhibit in Your Workplace

Waiting Room Art

A concept where a waiting room can be turned into an Art Gallery.

Paintings are displayed with price tags and when a sale occurs, the painting is replaced by another similar work.

Every two or three months all paintings are changed to keep a fresh look happening.

Commission will be paid on all works sold.

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Hospitality Art

Have an Art Gallery in your Cafe, Pub, Hotel or Restaurant!

Paintings are chosen to suite venue and clientele and have price tags.

When a painting is sold it is replaced with something similar.

Every three to four months all paintings are changed over, to keep a fresh look.

Venue receives a commission on paintings sold.

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Corporate Art Rent or Sales

Corporate offices can be quite dull at times, but easily brightened up with my Corporate Art.

Whether you want to rent or buy paintings, it can be the most affordable way to brighten up your workplace for staff and clientele.

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