Waiting Room Art

Your waiting room can be turned into an Art Gallery!

As a mother of five I have spent many hours sitting in many different waiting rooms over many years staring at the same prints over and over.

When the waiting room is updated with new wall decorations, how pleasant it is for a short time... until they too become stale and mundane.

  • Imagine having your waiting room revamped with new original artwork, by local artists, every two to three months;
  • This is achievable with Zoe's Waiting Room Art, where you not only have this great environment to work in, you can also make money on the sale of the works.

That’s right! A percentage of sales is paid directly to you.

  • Paintings are displayed with a price tag, and when a sale occurs, the painting is replaced by another similar work;
  • Every two - three months all paintings are changed to keep a fresh look happening;
  • Commission is paid on all works sold.

How It Works

  • Paintings are chosen, with your consultation, to suit your customers and décor;
  • Paintings will have a price ticket with information and a very affordable wholesale price;
  • When a painting is sold, your company will receive a commission;
  • The sold painting will then be replaced with something similar, to fit in with the existing works;
  • Every two to three months all paintings will be replaced and your waiting room will have a fresh new look!


  • All costs are tax deductible;
  • $60 one-off setup fee for up to 5 paintings;
  • $110 one-off setup fee for up to 10 paintings;
  • There is also a fee of 75c per week per painting ($195 per year for 5 paintings which could be 30 plus different artworks);
  • Fees can be invoiced quarterly for convenience;
  • Fees cover all administration costs and insurance of works.


  • 15% commission paid on every painting sold;
  • Sold paintings are replaced at no cost;
  • A new look waiting room every two to three months;
  • Enjoy original art by local artists;
  • Ongoing promotion & press releases;
  • Recognition from clients and visitors of your appreciation and support of original art & artists;
  • No set contracts just a month by month agreement.

A piece of artwork can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. Changing the colour, the size and the composition - Changes The Room!

Next Step

I'm happy to come and chat about the concept, with many photos of my artworks.

Then if you are happy to change your waiting room, I and my team will come with different size and colour painting combinations to get the best look for your place.

Waiting Room Art Inquiry