Corporate Rent & Sales

Turn your office into a fresh, bright and happy environment for clients and staff!

Working in an office with bland wall decorations can stifle peoples' creativity. Here is an inexpensive way to brighten up your work place with original artwork by local artists, giving staff, clients and visitors a bright and colorful environment to enjoy.

  • If renting works, paintings can be exchanged every six months, so your office gets a brand new look at no extra charge.
  • Each painting will have a price tag attached to the back and if an employee, client or visitor wishes to purchase an artwork, then a 15% commission will be paid to you.

That’s right! A percentage of any sale is paid directly to you.

How it works - rental

  • Paintings are chosen, with your consultation, to suit your customers and décor;
  • A rental fee is calculated according to the cost of the painting;
  • Paintings will have a price ticket on the back with information and a very affordable wholesale price;
  • If a painting is sold, your company will receive a commission;
  • The sold painting will then be replaced with something similar so to fit in with the existing works;
  • Every six months paintings can be replaced at no extra charge, and your office will have a fresh new look.


  • $60 one-off setup fee for up to 5 paintings;
  • $110 one off set up fee for up to 10 paintings;
  • Rental charge is based on cost of painting, generally a weekly fee of below 1% of wholesale price;
  • This fee is tax deductible;
  • Fees can be invoiced monthly or quarterly for convenience;
  • The fee covers all administration costs and insurance of works.


  • Work in a bright colorful environment;
  • Enjoying original art by a local artists;
  • 15% commission paid on every painting sold;
  • Sold painting to be replaced at no cost;
  • No set contracts just a month by month agreement;
  • Great tax benefits;
  • Having a choice for a new look office every six months;
  • Recognition from clients and visitors of your appreciation and support of original art and artists.

Next step

I'm happy to come & chat about the concept with many photos of my artworks.

Then if you are happy to change your office, my team and I will come with different size and colour painting combinations to get the best look for your place.

Corporate Art Inquiry